вторник, 28 юли 2009 г.

My Life According to Nickelback

Лин ме предизвика да се разровя из цяяялата дискография на май фав бенд Никълбек и да натаманя заглавията на (някои от) песните им към списъка по-долу. Голяма главоблъсканица падна,но пък се получи готино,поне според мен.

Pick your Artist:

Are you a male or female:
Never mind

Describe yourself:
Old enough

How do you feel:
Feelin' way too damn good

Describe where you currently live:
Far away

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Follow you home

Your favorite form of transportation:

Your best friend?
Never gonna be alone

You and your best friends are:
Animals :D

What's the weather like:
Too bad

Favorite time of day:
This afternoon

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
If today was your last day

What is life to you:
The long road

Your relationship:
Yanking out my heart

Your fear:
I don't have

What is the best advice you have to give:
Should've Listened!

Thought for the day:
Love will keep us together

How I would like to die:
Another hole in the head

My soul's present condition:
Fight for all the wrong reasons

My motto:

2 коментара:

  1. Това от facebook-a тръгна... но пък е едно от малкото подобни глупости, които са сравнително забавни :)

  2. съжалявам, аз съм на love will tear us apart. по стечение на обстоятелствата, не друго. :)